Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Religion Unit Field Trip!

Religion Unit Field Trip!

Have you ever learned about 3 different religions in just one day? Well, H102 has and we had a lot of fun doing so! Now, Let's get into why and how we did it!

We learned about these religions through a field trip that we had. We went to 3 different places of worship! 

The first one was a Roman Catholic Church. We learned about the different artifacts it held, what they believe in and what some of the artifacts mean/represent in their religion. For example, we learned what the alter was used for and what happens on it. This church was really focused on the cross. The cross meant everything to them! Even the structure of the building is like a cross! It was really interesting to learn about this! We also found out that some of our classmates go to this church, so they already know what was going on in the church and the answers to most of the questions asked.

The second church was a Judaism temple named Temple Manu'el and we also learned about what they believe in and the artifacts it held. For example we learned that a scroll (that was given to that temple) was given to them by a KING!! Which was really cool! We also learned about Judaism's past and stories. I think that we were all really informed and engaged in what this temple had to tell. The temple was really spacious and it had a lot of room to roam around. It also had a lot of chairs and a gift shop!

The third and final temple we went to was and Buddhism temple. First, we rang a really big gong! If you ring it, it means that you will have a long successful/ peaceful life. After that, we got to feed the koi with fish food! Our teacher even got to feed a swan that was in the water as well! We even saw a peacock roaming around and we all tried to touch it! Silly us! Even though all of the activates we did were fun, I couldn't get past the beauty of this temple! It was so amazing! From its gold roof to its vibrant red gates, it looked amazing!

As you can see, we had a lot of fun on our field trip! We also did learn a lot. I have to say that we were all OPEN-MINDED to the different religions that we learned about. We were also very respectful to them and we had an amazing time at the temples and churches! I think that we all would want to go back in time to experience it again if we could! Now, I have to ask you, would you want to learn about different religions if you could? 
Alright, see you next time!

Written By Jewel

Posted By Mrs. A. Matsuura